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My name is Terry Harris

I am an Information Technologist-Consultant with many years of high tech IT experience.


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*****Resume for Terry Harris *****
My experiences include administrating Windows/Linux/servers, as a system
administrator and as a technical AWS cloud consultant to both government and private
industry (US Environmental Protection Agency, IBM, Freightliner, Daimler, Oregon, 
Health Authority). I excel in environments needing advanced technical support and
intelligent management of IT resources. Where strong and outstanding work
performance are valued and rewarded. I have been fortunate through
experience, industrial training and education to have the required technical knowledge
necessary to configure, maintain and operate, advanced, state of the art,  IT enterprise
hardware, infrastructure and cloud based Virtual technologies.
My IT knowledge and
technology engineering experience base is broad in both
Windows and Unix/Linux based servers, being able to operate either OS at an
administration level. This experience and knowledge is used in
maintenance and administration of both types of operating systems and their shared
network resources,( DNS, roles, policies, storage, email, workstations, users,
permissions, backups). I have successfully operated as a day to day system
administrator, in both private business and government IT (Federal and State )
environments. I have experience and skill sets related to supporting and maintaining
enterprise level UNIX / Windows server platforms and server virtualization software.
This includes; (VMWare ESXi ) and (VPC) AWS Virtual Private Cloud architecture,
including, virtualized SAN storage, fibre channel switch infrastructure (EMC, HP,
Brocade), enterprise backup (Veritas) / disaster recovery technology).
I have gained a good understanding of Industry best practices for both private and
governmental enterprise environments including high tech manufacturing quality
control. Utilizing years of experience in high tech manufacturing, I am able to utilize
statistical process control for fine tuning varied technical processes by collecting data
and utilizing mathematical calculations to control process variation without over
Some of my industrial experience, like as a high tech silicon crystal grower,
were unique experiences in the high tech field and I am grateful for opportunities to
learn and grow.
I thrive in a team environment and I work hard to be a contributing and valued
member. Technical references provided upon request.


Thank you for looking at my resume.

Terry James Harris
IT Entrepreneur

I love guitar, nature and kindness.